About Us




Gary’s passion for flying comes as no surprise. The airplane is a symbol of American innovation and independence. Gary was a natural inventor, an independent thinker – he knew there was a better way, and he sought to find it himself. Going above and beyond, Gary utilized his flight skills to maximize time with his family, and deliver the best possible service to his customers. He piloted the way for this company – his legacy – with values we still uphold today. When we encounter hardship, we overcome it. When we experience success, we share it with each other. We value principles and people. We work hard every day to deliver on our promise to make a real impact.


The Vermeer legacy grows every day. We send parts and equipment all around the world but the story comes back to a hangar in Pella – the home of passion and innovation for over 70 years. As Gary Vermeer delivered the brand with parts and service in his airplane, The Hangar will deliver the Vermeer brand.